ANP – Foreign companies and independent oil companies already account for 28.4% of oil production per concessionaire

(PetroleoHoje) Foreign companies and independent oil companies already account for 28.4% of oil production per concessionaire, according to data published by the ANP on Wednesday (3/30), referring to the month of February. The difference is 9.2% in relation to the same period last year, in which these companies accounted for 26% of oil production per concessionaire.

According to the ANP ranking, Shell (behind only Petrobras) produces the most oil as a concessionaire (353 thousand bpd), followed by Petrogal/Galp (106 thousand bpd), TotalEnergies (64 thousand bpd), Repsol Sinopec (63 thousand bpd), Petronas (44 thousand bpd) and Equinor (30 thousand bpd). In eighth place, the Chinese CNODC and CNOOC are tied, with 25 thousand bpd each, and in tenth place, PetroRio, with 16 thousand bpd.

Natural gas production per concessionaire is similar to the percentage seen last year, as non-Petrobras companies accounted for 26.7% in February this year, just a tenth less compared to the percentage of these same companies in February 2021 (26.6%).

Source: ANP
In the gas ranking by concessionaire, Shell is also in second place (15 thousand m³/day), followed by Petrogal/Galp (4.7 thousand m³/day), Repsol Sinopec (2.9 thousand m³/day) and Total Energies (2.6 thousand m³/day). Enauta appears in sixth place, with a production of 1,400 m³/day, followed by CNODC and CNOOC, again tied (1,100 m³/day each) but this time in seventh position, Equinor (1,000 m³/day), and Potiguar E&P (522 m³/day), a subsidiary of PetroReconcavo.

In terms of oil and natural gas production per operator, Petrobras still dominates with a percentage of 93.6% and 95.5%, respectively, according to ANP data for the month of February 2022. of the state-owned company in the same month in 2021, there was a difference of 0.9% in the first scenario and an increase of 3.2% in the second scenario.

In terms of oil production per operator, TotalEnergies appears in second place (56 thousand bpd), followed by Shell (25 thousand bpd), and PetroRio, which occupies the fourth and fifth place, due to the companies PetroRio O&G and PetroRio Jaguar ( 18 thousand and 15 thousand bpd, respectively, totaling 33 thousand bpd). If this position were unified, PetroRio would occupy the third place in the ranking, ahead of Shell.

Karoon appears in sixth place, with 12,000 bpd, followed by Trident Energy (11,000 bpd), Potiguar E&P (8,800 bpd), Enauta (8,500 bpd) and Perenco (7,400 bpd).

Source: ANP
In the ranking of natural gas production by operator, TotalEnergies again appears in second place (2,500 m³/day), followed by Potiguar E&P (528 m³/day) and SPE Miranga (506 m³/day), which makes part of the PetroReconcavo group. Added together, the production of the PetroReconcavo companies totals 1,000 m³/day.

Origin Energy appears in fifth place, with a production of 401 m³/day, followed by Alvopetro (288 m³/day), Shell (250 m³/day), Eneva (226 m³/day), PetroRio Jaguar (191 m³/day ) and 3R Macau (160 m³/day), which is part of 3R Petroleum.

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