Angolan oil production down, gas up

(OM) Angola’s crude oil production has declined almost 30% in just six years, from 1.7 MMb/d in 2015 to just shy of 1.2 MMb/d in 2021, according to GlobalData. The company now expects further decline for the country through to 2025, which is forecast to see about 1.1 MMb/d – despite the multiple expansion projects that... Continue Reading →

Still no decision from Petrobras over Albacora bids despite reports

Following reports that a consortium between Brazil’s PetroRio and Vinci’s subsidiary Cobra has been chosen as the top bidder for Petrobras’ Albacora offshore oilfield, PetroRio is awaiting notification from Petrobras about the process while Petrobras has said there is still no decision about the winning proposal. Citing people with knowledge of the matter, Reuters reported on Thursday... Continue Reading →

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