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About Southern Cone Consultants & Brazil Energy Insight:

The Brazilian Oil and Gas Industry is the driving force for the economic growth of the country and of the next generations of the Brazilian population for decades to come. It is a fact that the sector represents a very large percentage of the Brazilian GDP.

The Pre Salt reserves, once extracted, will pay royalties to the various local governments and will be channeled to Education and Healthcare, two sectors that are in huge deficit in Brazil.

Petrobras is by far the most strategic company in Brazil. It has an investment plan that will provide much needed qualified employment and will benefit many suppliers, whether local or international.

The present corruption scandal involving Petrobras, local and foreign suppliers and politicians at all levels, has definitely tarnished in the image of the both; the company’s administration, or lack of, and Federal government and its use of the company for monetary policy and political campaign contributions.

The blog will provide up to date published information on the sector and specially on Petrobras. It will also accompany economic developments  as the sector is highly impacted by economic policy.

Southern Cone Consultants

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About Quest Offshore Resources:

Quest Offshore’s mission is to provide market expertise, strategic analysis, marketing communication and consultancy services to the deepwater oil and gas markets globally.

Our leading capabilities are rooted in a dedicated team of market sector specialists that focus on qualitative and quantitative data to identify global market opportunities for deepwater technologies.

Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, Quest has satellite offices in all major regions that play a part in deepwater E&P activities. Through this global coverage, we analyze and compile strategic market information that we then pass on to our customers through our superior products and services.

All major participants in the deepwater oil and gas market utilize our strategic market intelligence products and services. International, national and independent oil companies subscribe to Quest data and services to better understand market conditions and supply chain dynamics when making key decisions for their offshore developments. Over 60 of the leading oilfield service companies rely on Quest’s market forecasts to provide insight into future business opportunities for their businesses. Over 50 global financial services companies subscribe to Quest data as another important tool when following key deepwater market segments for investment opportunities.

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