Over the weekend, Petrobras resumed production from the Manati field, off the coast of the state of Bahia, after completing the repair of the pipeline located between the compression station and the field’s gas treatment station. As the market is aware, a small gas leak in the onshore part of this pipeline caused the shutdown of production in the asset on the 28th.

Manati is located in the Camamu Basin, off the coast of the Bahia municipality of Cairu, at a water depth of 35 meters to 50 meters. The field started its operation in 2007 through the fixed platform PMNT-1. The asset’s average production in 2019 was 105 bpd of condensate and 1,269 thousand m³/day of gas.

Currently, the consortium that produces in the field is formed by Petrobrás (35% and operation), Enauta (45%), PetroRio (10%) and Geopark (10%). This scenario should be changed soon. Petrobras is selling its stake in the asset. Meanwhile, Enauta and PetroRio have already announced agreements to sell their respective stakes in Manati to Gas Brigde.

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