Petro Rio S.A. (the “Company” or “PetroRio”) (B3: PRIO3), following best corporate governance practices and in addition to the Material Fact of November 19, 2020, informs its shareholders and the market in general of the signing of an agreement with Total E&P do Brasil Ltda. for the acquisition of a 28.6% interest in the BM-C-30... Continue Reading →

Petrobras signs contract for Mangue Seco 2 sale

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras, following up on the release disclosed on 05/04/2020, informs that it signed today with Fundo de Investimento em Participações Multiestratégia Pirineus (FIP Pirineus), a contract for the sale of its entire 51% interest in the capital of Eólica Mangue Seco 2 - Geradora e Comercializadora de Energia Elétrica S.A. (Eólica... Continue Reading →

Petrobras’ Performance 4Q20

MESSAGE FROM THE CEO Dear Shareholders,I am very happy to present the report on Petrobras financial performance in 2020, a superb performance in a very challenging environment. Amidst a severe global recession and the effects of a major global shock to the oil industry, we promised to engineer a J-shaped recovery. The goal was to... Continue Reading →

Petrobras on refineries sale

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras,  regarding a piece of news published on the media about the sale of the refineries, clarifies that the dates for the signing of the purchase and sale contracts and for their effective transfer to the buyers (respectively signing and closing) are internal estimates subject to alterations, since they depend on... Continue Reading →

Petrobras concludes the sale of BSBios

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. –Petrobras following up on the release disclosed on December 23, 2020, informs that its wholly-owned subsidiary Petrobras Biocombustível S.A. (PBio) completed today the sale of all its shares (50% of the company's capital) issued by BSBios Indústria e Comércio de Biodiesel Sul Brasil S/A (BSBios) to the company RP Participações em Biocombustíveis... Continue Reading →

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