Enauta started production in the fourth well of the Atlanta field

(PN) A new and important step by Enauta in its drilling program in the Atlanta field, in the Santos Basin. The operator announced today that well 7-ATL-5H-RJS (also called 5H) was connected to FPSO Petrojarl I and entered into operation. The new well is in the ramp-up phase, which should be completed by next weekend. With the entry of well 5H, Atlanta’s total production at this time is 16,100 barrels per day.

5H is the fourth well in the Atlanta field and its current production is 9,700 barrels per day. This was the first well of the drilling campaign for three new wells that started in November 2022. The other wells will be ready throughout 2023 and will wait to be connected to the FPSO Atlanta (Field’s Definitive System).

Enauta said it has focused resources on the start-up of the 5H well to maximize Atlanta’s production potential. Therefore, the installation of the new pump in the 7-ATL-2HP-RJS well, and the subsequent resumption of its production, is scheduled for the month of April.

As a reminder, the operator announced in early March that it had temporarily interrupted production from well 7-ATL-2HP-RJS. The company’s technical area made preliminary assessments that indicated failure in the surface equipment (topside). Also according to Enauta, in case of need to replace the pump in that well, the company has spare equipment available.

Additionally, Enauta’s operational area is evaluating the performance, in the second quarter, of a preventive shutdown at the unit’s process plant, with the consequent interruption of production, for maintenance and anticipation of part of the mandatory shutdown services, currently planned to occur of the month of August.

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