Enauta: Atlanta Field Output Hit by Equipment Failure again

Brazilian oil company Enauta said Friday it had temporarily halted the production from the 7-ATL-2HP-RJS well in the Atlanta offshore oil field, in Brazil’s Santos Basin.

Enauta’s preliminary assessments indicate failure in the surface equipment (topside). In case of the need to replace the pump in this well, the company said it had spare equipment available.

Currently, the daily production at the Atlanta field is approximately seven thousand barrels of oil, Enauta said.

Enauta produces oil from the Atlanta field using the Petrojarl I FPSO, which has a production capacity of 30,000 barrels of oil per day and a storage capacity of 180,000.

The news of the output interruption comes just days after the company said the FPSO operations were back online following the completion of the preventative maintenance.

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