3R Petroleum clarification to the market

3R PETROLEUM ÓLEO E GÁS S.A. (“3R” or “Company”), in compliance with Official Letter No. 336/2023-SLS, issued by B3 S.A. – Brasil. Bolsa. Balcão (“B3”), on March 01st, 2023 (“Official Letter”), hereby informs that it was asked about the fluctuations recorded in the price of its common shares, the number of trades and the amount traded, between February 14th, 2023 and March 01st, 2023, by the Superintendence of Listing and Supervision of Issuers of B3, as free translated below:

“In view of the latest fluctuations recorded with the securities issued by this company, the number of trades and the amount traded, as below, we request to be informed, by March 02nd, 2023, if there is any fact known that can justify this movement.”

tabela cvm2.jpg

The Company reiterates its commitment to timely provide adequate information to its investors and to the market in general. In compliance with the requirement, the Company and/or its officers do not have any relevant information, act or fact, not disclosed to the market, that could have given rise to said fluctuations.

However, the Company clarifies that (i) Provisional Measure No. 1,163, Article 7, which deals with the implementation of tax on oil exports, and (ii) the material fact disclosed by Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras, which deals with Official Letter No. 166/2023/GM-MME issued by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, adds volatility to the oil and gas sector.

Regarding the points mentioned above, the Company informs that: (i) currently, all its production is sold in the local market, and (ii) the contract for the acquisition of the Potiguar Cluster is signed and in force since January 2022, with payment of the signing, R$ 592 million, held on the same date – see material fact disclosed on January 31, 2022.

Finally, the Company emphasizes that it will keep its investors and the market in general duly informed about any events of its knowledge that may influence the price of its securities or the decision of investors to buy, sell, maintain or exercise any rights inherent to the condition of holders of these securities.

These being the considerations it had in relation to the Official Letter, the Company is available for any additional clarification that may be necessary.

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