Brazil: ANP announced October oil  production at  4.180 million boe/d, a record for the period

Total production for October was 4.180 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d), of which 3.245 million barrels of oil per day (bbl/d) and 148.747 million cubic meters of natural gas per day (m3/d ). In oil, there was an increase of 3.1% compared to the previous month and 16.8% compared to October 2021. In natural gas, the increase was 4% compared to September and 12.9% compared to the same month of the previous year.

It was the largest production ever recorded in Brazil, both of oil and natural gas. Until then, the month with the highest oil production had been January 2020, when 3.168 million bbl/d were produced. In the case of natural gas, the highest production had been in September 2022, when 143.070 million m3/d of natural gas were produced. The month of September had also recorded the highest total production: 4.048 million boe/d.


Pre-salt production in October was 3.142 million boe/d and corresponded to 75.2% of Brazilian production. 2.459 million bbl/d of oil and 108.61 million m3/d of natural gas were produced through 130 wells. There was an increase of 4.8% in relation to the previous month and 19% in comparison with the same month of the previous year.

Use of natural gas

In October, the use of natural gas was 98.1%. 55.02 million m3/d were made available to the market and 2.91 million m3/d were burned. There was a reduction in burning of 8.1% compared to the previous month and 33.1% compared to October 2021.

Origin of production

In October, offshore fields produced 97.6% of oil and 85.1% of natural gas. The fields operated by Petrobras were responsible for 90.83% of the total produced. Production came from 6,119 wells, 497 offshore and 5,621 onshore.

Fields and Facilities

In October, the Tupi field, in the Santos Basin pre-salt, was the largest producer of oil and natural gas, registering 870.43 thousand bbl/d of oil and 42.35 million m3/d of gas Natural.

The facility with the highest oil production was P-77, which produced 166,417 thousand bbl/d in the Búzios and Tambuatá fields. The one with the highest production of natural gas was the FPSO Guanabara, having produced 9.18 million m3/d of natural gas in the Mero field.

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