ANP: Brazil’s proved reserves grow 11% in 2021

(PN) The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) confirmed that the country’s proved reserves grew 11% in 2021. In addition, there was an increase of 14.3% in the volume related to the sum of proved and probable reserves (2P) and of 19.8% in the sum of proved, probable and possible (3P), compared to 2020 data. Replacement rate of proved oil reserves (IRR 2021/2020) was 227%, representing about 2.337 billion barrels of new reserves.

According to the agency, exploration and production companies in Brazil declared 13.24 billion barrels of proved reserves, 19.95 billion barrels of proved and probable reserves and 24.24 billion barrels of proved, probable reserves. and possible. In the pre-salt, there was a 15.7% increase in proved reserves compared to 2020, totaling 9.621 billion barrels.

The ANP also stated that proved natural gas reserves totaled 378.65 billion cubic meters. 2P reserves totaled 491.92 billion m³, while 3P reserves reached 560.40 billion m³. These volumes correspond to increases of 11.7%, 20.3% and 24.0%, respectively, compared to 2020.

“In general, changes in the volume of Brazilian oil and natural gas reserves are due to production carried out during the year, additional reserves arising from new development projects, declarations of commerciality and revision of field reserves due to different technical and economic. This year, the highlight was the inclusion of volumes referring to the Surplus of the Transfer of Rights of Campos de Buzios and Itapu”, detailed ANP.

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