Petrobras Seeks 400 Capacity Flotel

(PetroleoHoje) Petrobras launched a tender for the charter of a new flotel (Maintenance and Services Unit) for the Campos, Santos and Espírito Santo basins. Companies interested in the contract may only offer DP2 or DP3 semi-submersible units, with accommodation for 400 people.

The flotel required by the oil company will only enter into operation between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

The delivery of bids is scheduled for December 10, with bids being submitted three days later. The prevailing bet is that the deadline will be extended, possibly being extended to 2022.

Launched in November, the bid originally provided for the delivery of proposals for December 3rd. In addition to this unit, Petrobras will contract a second flotel, scheduled to start operating until 2024.

The company that wins the current bid will secure a contract with a total term of 1,790 days. The contractual performance period, in turn, will be 1460 days (four years).

According to the requirements of the notice, the flotel will have to be equipped with a gangway that has a five-year operational history. Another prerequisite determined by Petrobras is the availability of a deck area of ​​500 m². It is also required that the unit offered has six thrusters.

Despite the reheating of the flotel market and the fact that Petrobras does not require the unit for immediate operation, the contract does not provide for the payment of a mobilization fee or tariff readjustment.

Petrobras’ current fleet of flotel’s consists of six units – Aquarius Brasil, OOS Tiradentes, Safe Eurus, Safe Notos, Posh Xanadú and Posh Arcadia. In addition to the flotels chartered to the Brazilian oil company, GranEnergia has two units under contract in Brazil, one with Modec (Vênus) and the other with Equinor (Olympia).

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