Zurich AirPorts wants to make Macae Airport into a top offshore services unit

Main logistical support base for units operating in exploration and production in the Campos Basin, Macae Airport announced the launch of a package of services that innovates assistance in the operations of offshore flights. Established through concepts of safety, quality and efficiency applied by Zurich AirPorts in different air bases around the world, the “Offshore Service” wants to elevate Macae Airport in service excellence that since 1968 has enabled the continuity of operations in the oil and gas market and energy in Brazil. “We are fully aware that we can make Macae even bigger in offshore flight operations. We are administrators of this Airport for the next 28 years and our commitment is to innovate and serve our customers and, especially, the city with quality”, said Ricardo Gesse, CEO of Zurich Airport Brasil.

By currently registering around 30 thousand take-off and landing operations per year, transporting more than 200 thousand passengers, Macae Airport is consolidated as a reference in the Offshore Services in the logistics of offshore flights, an expertise that contributes to making Macae also the destination of new companies in the oil, gas and energy sector, pointed out the economic development secretary, Rodrigo Vianna.

“The Airport is part of the beginning of the entire history of the Macae offshore industry and directly contributes to the new perspective of the oil, gas and energy market. Air operations go beyond looking at the sea and also become essential for all activities that grow and strengthen on land, in our city”, declared the secretary.

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