3R Petroleum: Oil production at Polo Macau rises 5.3% in March

The production of Polo Macau, operated by 3R Petroleum in the Potiguar basin (RN), rose 5.3% in March, to 4,866 barrels of oil per day, according to preliminary and unaudited information from the oil company. The average production of natural gas, however, fell slightly, from 910 million cubic meters per day to 902 million m³ per day.

In total, 3R Petroleum had an average daily production of 6,975 barrels of oil equivalent in March, referring to its stakes in the Macau and Pescada-Arabaiana clusters, 2% more than in February. The volume already considers the exclusion of 50% that Petrogal has in the Sanhaçu field, at Polo Macau, and covers the 35% that 3R Petroleum holds in the Pescada-Arabaiana Polo, also located in the Potiguar basin.

The Polo Macau encompasses the fields of Aratum, Macau, Serra, Salina Cristal, Lagoa Aroeira, Porto Carão and Sanhaçu and was acquired from Petrobras by 3R Petroleum in August 2019. The Pescada-Arabiana Polo was acquired in July last year, also under negotiation with Petrobras.

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