Enauta evaluates closing the Atlanta field operations

Enauta evaluates closing the Atlanta field operations, in the Santos Basin post-salt, after Barra Energia informs that it will abandon the asset. An alternative is to take 100% of the field. The decision should be taken by the end of this month, Enauta reported today.

– “Enauta had already been revising the project in order to make it more robust and resilient to the new oil price scenarios, generating greater value for shareholders. With Barra Energia’s notification, this study will be accelerated and will support the company’s decision, ”says Décio Oddone, CEO of Enauta, in the statement.

– Each company has 50% of the field, which produced 14 thousand barrels / day, on average in the third quarter of this year, through the FPSO Petrojarl I, with a capacity for 30 thousand barrels / day. Atlanta went into operation in 2018 and the original plan was to replace the platform with a unit with 80,000 barrels / day of capacity and increase the number of wells from three to 12 in the final system.

– “An eventual joint return of the field would not occur immediately. The Early Production System would continue to operate as long as it was economically viable. The definitive abandonment would only occur after the completion of the necessary procedures with the competent bodies ”, informs the company.

Source: epbr

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