Petrobras onshore fields divestments arouse the interest of 40 small and medium-sized companies

Jul 14, 2020

Altogether, 40 small and medium-sized companies, 30 of which are Brazilian, are in the dispute to buy onshore mature oil fields from Petrobras, reveals Roberto Ardenghy, director of Institutional Relations at the state-owned company.

With the pandemic, the company postponed for 12 months the conclusion of the sale of its 157 onshore fields, until the end of 2021. Areas of Bahia, Sergipe and Ceará will be the first.

-There are companies that were service providers and had maintenance contracts, and many are migrating to this opportunity – he says.

The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) is already studying to reduce royalties on the production of onshore fields from 10% to 5%.

– This would give more financial support to the projects – says Ardenghy.

He estimates that small and medium producers will help to increase oil production.

-There are companies that bought fields two or three years ago and today they produce four times more than Petrobras could – he explains, stressing that, without the segment, Brazil will not rise from 10th to 5th largest oil exporter in ten years.

Source: O Globo


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