PetroRio plans new drilling in Polvo


At least six prospects are already licensed for the campaign in 2019

With the success of the Polvo field revitalization campaign, PetroRio is expected to start at least one more ring fence drilling campaign in 2019, company director of operations Roberto Monteiro said. The estimate is that there are already six licensed prospects ready for drilling in the area where the company operates in the Campos basin.

For the second half of this year, a total production of 2 million barrels is expected, with the production of the two new wells in Polvo (POL-Z and POL-H), which will represent a 50% increase in daily production from field. The third well, called POL-M, is with its drilling in progress.

Financial data

The company posted net revenue of R $ 239.4 million and net income of R $ 70.6 million in the second quarter of 2018. The figures are 54% and 49.8%, respectively, higher than a year earlier.

Source: Brazil Energy

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