Dome and Seadrill close partnership for warm stacking rigs at Açu Port


Dome, a partnership between Prumo Logística and GranIHC, will warm stack Seadrill’s drill ship, West Carina, at Açu Port. The drill ship docked at Terminal 1 of the port since the end of July, will remain for up to 90 days, with the possibility of extending this deadline.

In addition to the mooring of the unit, Dome performs integrated logistics, integrity, repair and maintenance of the unit’s topside assets. Seadrill is the first company to carry out the warm stacking of a drill ship docked in Brazil.

“With the end of West Carina’s contract, which worked for Petrobras in Libra for 3 years, we were looking for locations to keep the drill ship warm-stacked in Brazil, as an alternative to traditional sites like Namibia and Tenerife. With West Carina in Brazil, we gain competitive edge in the near future and we can closely monitor planned improvements to the rig. The partnership with Dome opens the way for the development of Brazil with a viable place for the maintenance of rigs between contracts, which in turn generates indirect benefits to the operators, as well as the generation of jobs, revenue and expertise for the country. ” said Marcel Wieggers, Country Manager at Seadrill Brazil.

For Vinicius Patel, president of Dome, the partnership reinforces the company’s main objectives. “Dome was created to help increase our customers’ efficiency by optimizing costs and eliminating bottlenecks. We are a one-stop-shop, which offers customized services according to the needs of each client. And that is exactly what we have done in our partnership with Seadrill: we have the best alternative, with the best benefits, “said the executive.

Another point highlighted by the executive was the depth of Terminal 1 (20.5 meters), which allowed the mooring of the drill ship without the need to remove the propellers, generating great savings for the client.

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