The Gulf of Mexico Has a Pirate Problem

(Rigzone) Dryad Global’s latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory (MSTA) has outlined that the Gulf of Mexico is in the midst of a pirate problem. According to the MSTA, on August 7, pirates onboard two speedboats boarded and robbed a manned semi-submersible drilling rig in the Bay of Campeche approximately 28nm north of Paraiso. The MSTA... Continue Reading →

Oil Outshines Stocks and Dollar in 2022

(Reuters) Oil prices are proving resilient to global economic recession fears and have outperformed major equity indices and the U.S. dollar so far this year as Western sanctions on Russia further limit supplies to an already tight market. The two major crude futures contracts are up about 30% so far this year, while the All... Continue Reading →

Ciro Gomes kicks off Brazil’s presidential race with first official candidacy

(Reuters) - Ciro Gomes, a left-of-center former governor, kicked off Brazil's presidential election season on Wednesday, becoming the first candidate to officially announce his candidacy for the Oct. 2 vote. Gomes, 64, presented himself as an alternative to the polarized choice of far-right incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro or Workers Party leader and former two-term president... Continue Reading →

Lula advisers draft plans for more aggressive Brazil FX policy

(Reuters) - Economic advisers to Brazil's leading presidential candidate are drafting plans for a more aggressive foreign exchange policy, including more market interventions and tighter regulation of derivatives to curb volatility, senior aides told Reuters. Economist Pedro Rossi, who leads the team drafting currency policy for leftist former president and 2022 front-runner Luiz Inacio Lula... Continue Reading →

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