ANP releases new tender for 5th pre-salt auction


The ANP announces this Friday (10/8) a new tender for the 5th pre-salt auction, which will take place on October 28th. The announcement is needed after the changes indicated by the Union Court of Auditors, which eventually increased the minimum share of Union oil in the areas of Saturno and Tita.

The TCU increased by 7.98 percentage points the Union’s minimum share in the Saturno area and 3.73 pp in Tita. Pau-Brasil was maintained in 24.82% and Southwest of Tartaruga Verde in 10.01%.

With the publication of the new tender, Petrobras will again have 30 days to indicate the areas that intend to exercise the right of preference as operator in the competition. In addition to Saturno and Tita, the ANP will tender the Southwest areas of Tartaruga Verde (the only area that Petrobras had indicated would exercise its preference) and Pau Brasil.

The local content indexes of the auction are the same as those practiced in other rounds since the resumption of the auctions, with 18% for the Exploration phase and 25% for Well Construction; 40% for subsea; and 25% for the platform. There is no possibility of waiver.

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