Marlim’s FPSOs postponed for another month


Marlim’s FPSOs are delayed for another month. Petrobras has again postponed the tender submission deadline for chartering the two new FPSOs for the Marlim field in the Campos Basin, moving the deadline to September 10. The tender was scheduled for August 9, but the oil company has already informally informed the market and is expected to issue a circular to the participating companies soon.

The trend is that an additional postponement is still occur. Brasil Energia Petró has learned that Petrobras works internally with the date of October. The tender was launched in January.

This is the second postponement made by Petrobras in the Marlim tender. The original date foreseen the opening of the proposals on June 20.

The two FPSOs will be destined to the field revitalization project, one of which will have the capacity to produce 80,000 b / d, to compress 7 million cubic meters of gas (Marlim I) and the other (Marlim II) with capacity of 70,000 barrels per day and 4 million m3 / d of gas.

The charter contracts will have a term of 25 years and the work of conversion will not require national content, since these are projects from areas of zero round.

The units are scheduled to start operating in 2021, according to the Petrobras Business Plan 2018-2022. The FPSO Marlim I will have to be delivered in 974 days, and the second unit in 1,065 days, exact three months after the first.

In addition to the oil production capacity, the new FPSOs will process a large volume of liquids. The Marlim 1 plant will have capacity for 310,000 b / d of liquids and 270,000 b / d of water, while that of Marlim 2 will be equipped for 250,000 b / d of liquids and 200,000 b / d of water.

The new FPSOs will replace the seven platforms that operate today in the field and produce more water than oil. The revitalization project involves the drilling of ten new wells, four in Marlim 1 and six in Marlim 2, in addition to the re-management of 21 producing wells and 17 injectors for the first unit and 19 producers and 15 injectors for the second.

Other FPSOs

In addition to the tender for the two Marlim units, Petrobras coordinates bids for chartering new FPSOS to Parque das Baleias, Mero and Búzios. With the exception of Mero, the bids are being conducted by the Petronect system and were launched before the entry into force of Law 13,303.

The Parque das Baleias tender in the Campos Basin provides for the chartering of an FPSO with the capacity to produce 100,000 b/d and to compress 5 million m³ / d of gas. The deadline for submission of tenders is set for December 20, having already been postponed once by the oil company. The charter term will be 22 ½ years, with scheduled start-up in 2021.

The tender for the Mero 2 unit is already scheduled for October 15, but it will not be surprising if the Libra consortium opts to make a further extension of the deadline. Scheduled to start operations in 2022, the FPSO will have the capacity to produce 180,000 b/d and compress 12 million m³ / d of gas, with a charter term of 22 years and five months.

Companies will have to submit two distinct proposals, one with a higher percentage of local content and another with reduced commitments, both of which are directed to topside, hull and engineering. The consortium will give priority to open the proposals with higher local content, opening the others only if prices are above the budget.

In the case of the Búzios V FPSO, commercial proposals were opened at the end of June, and Petrobras continues to evaluate the spreadsheets. Exmar presented the lowest price, but so far the result of the bidding was not formalized.

The Búzios V plant will produce 180,000 b/d and will process 12 million m³ / d of gas, being chartered for 21 years, with possibility of extension for the same period. System startup is planned for 2021.

Source: Brazil Energy

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