Petrodin and Chinese bet on hybrid solution for shallow water drilling


Petrodin Offshore recently closed partnership to represent a Chinese company in Brazil. The representative, who sees opportunities in the Brazilian and South American markets, is in search of contracts with oil companies that will explore blocks in shallow waters. The partnership aims to bring to Brazil three drilling rigs currently idle at the Chinese shipyard. The company expects demand of the oil and gas sector, especially in drilling activities, for the end of 2019.  There is also an expectation of demand for decommissioning of wells to be deactivated in the Campos Basin.

One of Petrodin’s stakes is a type of hybrid shallow-water drilling vessel. The equipment uses the idle energy produced by the motor generators to charge battery banks. This hybrid energy is used in drilling equipment as a complement when the demand for the equipment reaches its peak, reducing the number of units connected at the same time. The result is fuel economy, plus less maintenance and reduced pollutant discharge. “The technology has already been studied for implementation. Others are in development, picking up power from certain moving equipment to charge the battery bank, “says company director Mats Rosengren, who did not give more details because the solution is in the patenting phase.

Petrodin intends to operate with decommissioning in the Campos Basin and exploration in new areas, such as the Malvinas Basin (Argentina) – if it is open for exploration during the summer months. In the radar there are also activities related to the exploration in Brazilian waters with depth beyond the capacity of a platform of the type jack-up (autoelevatory) and too shallow for a drilling platform with dynamic system.

Petrodin offers services related to vessel management, contracts, projects and investments. The company has in its portfolio services related to floats (UMS – maintenance and safety unit), production with FPSOs (floating production and storage units), drilling, underwater constructions, conversions and ship repairs. The company also seeks to develop solutions in the requirements for simplified ship transfer system in offshore installations. Petrodin identifies increasing demand for FPSOs for deep and ultra deep waters. In this niche the company offers support for Early Production System (EPS) systems, which consist of initial deepwater production concepts.

Source: Portos e Navios

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