Only minor oil shows for Tullow in Suriname well

Oil and gas company Tullow Oil has encountered good quality reservoir but only minor oil shows at its exploration well located offshore Suriname. Tullow started drilling operations at the Goliathberg-Voltzberg North prospect (GVN-1) located in Block 47 in late January 2021. Block 47 is part of the Suriname-Guyana Basin. The well was drilled using the Stena Forth drillship.... Continue Reading →

Fugro on Suriname survey duty for Petronas

Fugro is carrying out seep survey and geochemical campaign for Petronas in Block 48, offshore Suriname. Petronas hired the Dutch-based surveyor in order to optimise future exploration activities in this frontier area. The work, conducted from the survey vessel MV Fugro Brasilis, involves geophysical data collection; heat flow measurements; core sampling as well as onboard geochemical... Continue Reading →

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