Vattenfall’s Danish Offshore Wind Farm Delivers First Power to Grid

(OE) Vattenfall has supplied the first power from its offshore wind farm, Vesterhav Syd, to the Danish power grid.

“It was a culmination of almost seven years’ work on the wind farm, when the blades of the first wind turbine were turned up against the wind and started generating fossil-free electricity,” Vattenfall said. The first power was delivered to the grid on November 10, 2023.

“It’s a huge relief being able to finally supply power from Vesterhav Syd. We feel a tremendous sense of pride,” says Mathilde Damsgaard, Vattenfall’s Project Director for the Vesterhav Syd and Nord Offshore Wind Farms.

The 20 wind turbines at Vesterhav Syd were erected from July to September this year, and now Vattenfall is carrying out the last electrical connection works.

Currently, two of Vesterhav Syd’s turbines are generating electricity, while the remaining 18 are expected to be connected to the power grid one by one during the next weeks. Meanwhile, Vattenfall is also working on connecting turbines from the Vesterhav Nord Offshore Wind Farm to the power grid. Both wind farms have a deadline for full connection to the grid at year-end.

Together, the Vesterhav Syd and Nord Offshore Wind Farms will generate electricity equivalent to the consumption of 350,000 households.

The project will have a total installed capacity of 344 MW – 168 MW at Vesterhav Syd and 176 MW at Vesterhav Nord. The wind farms will consist of 20 and 21 turbines, respectively, with a capacity of 8.4 MW each. 

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