Shell ditches Royal Dutch from its name

Oil and gas major Shell has officially changed its name to Shell plc, after deciding to simplify its share structure, move the headquarters from the Netherlands to the UK and, as a result, remove the Royal Dutch designation from its name. The energy major on Friday confirmed its name had changed from Royal Dutch Shell... Continue Reading →

P-66, P-70 and P-77 have reduced gas flare

(TN) Platforms P-66, P-70 and P-77, located in the Tupi, Atapu and Búzios fields, respectively, started to operate with minimal flaring of gas, which starts to occur only in exceptional safety situations, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG). The flare is the equipment that has the function of burning the gas not used in... Continue Reading →

Kites powered by offshore wind preparing for lift-off

Tech startup Hydro Wind Energy is in the process of developing scaled prototypes of high-altitude kites powered by offshore wind with the goal to ”disrupt global energy and desalination markets”. The technologies for power generation and energy storage, OceanHydro Wind, and water desalination, SubSea RO Wind, are powered by high-altitude, ocean-based kites and vertical axis wind rotors rather... Continue Reading →

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