3R Petroleum: Precedent conditions for the closing of the Potiguar Cluster

3R PETROLEUM ÓLEO E GÁS S.A. (“3R” or “Company”) (B3: RRRP3), in compliance with the provisions of CVM Resolution No. 44, informs its investors and the market in general that it became aware today that the operational license referring to the fields of Ubarana, Ubarana Oeste and Cioba, in the Potiguar basin, part of the Potiguar Cluster, was issued by IBAMA in favor of 3R Potiguar S.A., a subsidiary of the Company.

Accordingly, the Company informs that all precedent conditions provided for in the purchase and sale agreement for the Potiguar Cluster have been duly complied with by the Company and Petrobras.

Finally, 3R reinforces its commitment to keep its investors and the market in general duly informed, in line with the best corporate governance practices and in strict compliance with the legislation in force.

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