PRIO Operational data for February 2023

Petro Rio S.A. (“Company” or “PRIO”) (B3: PRIO3), following best practices incorporate governance and transparency, informs its preliminary and non-audited Operational Data for the month of February.

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(1) The data of Albacora Leste in January refers to 90% of PRIO’s participation in the field, considering the production throughout the month. Since the acquisition’s closing occurred on January 26, 2023, the field contributed proportionally with 5,919 barrels per day throughout the month of January.

(2) The MUP3A well, in the Frade Field, had its production temporarily interrupted due to a failure in the completion equipment, with expected resumption in 1Q23.

(3) The TBMT-4H well, in the Polvo + TBMT cluster, had its production interrupted due to a failure in the Electric Submersible Pump and is currently undergoing workover. The TBMT-8H well, in the same cluster, also had its production interrupted due to an electrical failure in the subsea system. Both wells are expected to return to production in 1Q23.

(4) Albacora Leste’s production fell short of monthly expectations due to issues in power generation and gas compression, which have been rectified during the course of the month.

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