ANP authorizes sale of the Capixaba Norte Cluster to Seacrest Petroleo

The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) recently approved the sale of Petrobras’ stake in the Capixaba Norte Cluster to Seacrest Petróleo. As a reminder, the transaction was announced in February 2022, for a total of US$ 544 million. The Capixaba Norte Cluster comprises four onshore fields: Cancã, Fazenda Alegre, Fazenda São Rafael and Fazenda Santa Luzia. The Norte Capixaba Terminal and all the production facilities located around the four concessions are also part of the transaction.

The ANP determined that Seacrest present a financial guarantee or a term that ensures the decommissioning of the fields involved. The company must also detail a schedule for carrying out the activities for the permanent abandonment of well 7-CNC-3-ES, in the short term, pursuant to ANP Resolution No. 817/2020, starting to be established and justified by Seacrest.

Finally, the company will also have to present a new version of the Work and Budget Program, segregating the activity and the cost of abandoning well 7-CNC-3-ES.

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