Ocyan signs rig operating contract with PRIO

(PN) Ocyan signed an operating contract with PRIO (formerly PetroRio) for the use of the West Capricorn rig for 730 days. Activities are expected to start in August 2023. For the execution of this contract, 160 jobs are planned for Ocyan members, all in offshore positions. At the moment, the rig is in Trinidad & Tobago and will have the work to reactivate the asset when it arrives in Brazil. Ocyan has already been operating with the Norbe VI rig for PRIO since July 2021, in a contract in force until August 2023, including the revitalization activities of Campo de Frade and the development of Wahoo, in the Campos Basin. West Capricorn was built in 2011 and is a sixth generation semi-submersible drilling rig. It is suitable both for subsea services and for drilling in water depths from 80 meters to three thousand meters. As a reminder, PRIO announced in June last year that it had acquired the West Capricorn rig from Aquadrrill LLC.

Heitor Gioppo, executive vice-president of Ocyan’s drilling unit, said that the contract is an important milestone because it demonstrates recognition of Ocyan’s technical capacity in the market, which is generating business in the area of operating third-party assets. “Winning this contract also reinforces our company’s strategic position with independent operators in the drilling area, mainly in the domestic market. We can say that our management system has become a benchmark because it is becoming more robust every day. We are going to work with technology transfer at the same time that we put a team with a high degree of specialization into action. We remain attentive to opportunities, including new business in third-party assets in Brazil and abroad”, declared the executive.

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