Oil States Brasil signs a three year contract with Petrobras

(TN) Oil States Brasil signed a contract with Petrobras for maintenance services with the supply of parts and pieces, storage and preservation of equipment and tools for lifting, drilling and well safety, including BOPS, catarina, hook, swivel, mud, valves, etc.

With a duration of 3 years, this new contract emphasizes the expertise in equipment maintenance, with a highly qualified team, physical structure with ample capacity, vast knowledge of the scope of work and the tools to be used and the operational excellence that make Oil States Brazil is an important partner to overcome challenges, whether on land or at sea.

According to Marcos Pontes, Service Base Manager at Oil States Brasil: “This achievement further consolidates Oil States Brasil’s ability to absorb other contracts similar to this one, along with important players in the Oil & Gas & Energy segment. Our technical capacity is proportional to the size of the great challenge that awaits us. Customer focus, resilience, safety, excellence and attention to detail are our fundamental pillars for the success of this project.”

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