Offshore Wind: SeaRenergy Nets DolWin6 Work

Offshore wind service provider SeaRenergy said Wednesday it had secured a contract for offshore infrastructure services from Siemens Energy. The scope of work comprises integrated onshore and offshore logistics services executed during the commissioning of DolWin6 converter platform in the German Bight. 

DolWin6 is TenneT’s 13th offshore grid connection system in the German North Sea for the transmission of wind energy from sea to land. It will be connected to the grid in 2023 and, with 900 megawatts, has the capacity of a large power plant. Siemens Energy has been commissioned by TenneT as general contractor to build the system.

The contract for SeaRenergy consists of several packages, including marine coordination and management of all personnel transfers, SeaRenergy is responsible for the onshore logistics and warehousing in Emden.

On site offshore, SeaRenergy is supporting the project by providing offshore professionals such as OIM, HSE managers and nautical offshore Managers. 

The safeguarding of the works offshore and the offshore logistics that come along with these works are also part of the scope of work. 

SeaRenergy is responsible for ERRV and guard duties as well as for all helicopter flights related to the DolWin6 offshore grid connection system project. 

SeaRenergy is also conducting regular supply runs delivering provisions, equipment, as well as liquids to platform and jack-up vessel. The Supply Runs are part of SeaRenergy’s Cargo Run Service out of Emden and are being executed by the company group owned PSV “Spirit of Emden”.  

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