Eneva negotiates entry into offshore natural gas fields in Sergipe

(epbr) Eneva is considering buying stakes in large offshore natural gas discoveries in the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin.

The epbr agency found that the agreement is not yet closed, but Eneva’s interest is to enter the assets, under Petrobras operation, to increase the share of national gas available in its commercialization and development of new business portfolio.

The company concluded this week the purchase of Celse, a R$ 6 billion deal, and will now own the regasification terminal at the Port of Sergipe and the associated thermoelectric plant.

The negotiation involves the shares of IBV Brasil. The Indian company owns 40% of Agulhinha and Mackerel. In the region, Petrobras operates 100% of the Agulhinha Oeste, Budião Sudeste, Budião Noroeste and Palombeta fields; and 75% of Budião, in partnership with the ONGC.

In a material fact Eneva confirmed that “it is in the preliminary evaluation phase for the acquisition of a stake in IBV Brasil Petróleo Limitada (“IBV”), or a minority interest directly in the BM-SEAL-11 concession”, a concession agreement that encompasses the fields delimited by Petrobras.

The operation involves the judicial reorganization of VOVL Limited, underway in Mumbai, India.

VOVL indirectly holds a 50% interest in IBV and this stage of the deal is also not closed, dependent on “legal, financial and technical audit of the assets, the satisfactory negotiation of a purchase and sale agreement and the fulfillment of all conditions precedents”

A non-binding proposal was made conditional on the VOVL insolvency proceedings.

“The preliminary nature of the process is thus emphasized, given that the company [Eneva] may make changes to its proposal throughout it and the negotiations may not proceed as a result of non-compliance with essential conditions for the conclusion of the transaction”, says the statement.

National gas in the new business portfolio

If the deal is successful, the Port of Sergipe terminal and the rights to domestic natural gas production represent a densification of Eneva’s operations in Sergipe and the creation of a gas hub in the state.

In addition to marking the company’s entry into offshore production.

With operational projects in Amazonas, Maranhão, Roraima and, soon, in Sergipe — in addition to prospecting business in other states, such as Rio de Janeiro — Eneva is also targeting the distribution of liquefied natural gas (LNG), as well as consumers in the market. free.

Sought through the advisory, Eneva did not immediately respond to contact from the newsroom.

Giant fields offshore Sergipe

Petrobras is the operator of the fields, which are scheduled to start operating in the second half of this decade, with the potential to transform Sergipe into the largest natural gas producing state outside the Southeast.

The forecast is for the installation of two platforms, starting in 2026, with the capacity to produce 120,000 barrels per day of oil and process 8 million m³/day of natural gas.

Unlike the large pre-salt oil fields, in which the share of oil is predominant, the Sergipe fields tend to be large producers of condensate (liquids from natural gas), a fluid with petrochemical applications and in the production of derived fuels. lighter, like gasoline.

The development of the fields will require billionaire investments. Petrobras tried to contract this year the first platform (FPSO) for the deep water fields, but withdrew due to high prices.

New bidding is scheduled for this month.

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