DORIS, Hyundai Heavy Win Floating Wind Farm Engineering Deal in South Korea

(OE) A consortium between the offshore engineering firm DORIS and the Korean shipbuilding and offshore engineering giant Hyundai Heavy Industries has won a Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) contract for a floating wind project in South Korea.

The contract has been awarded by Corio Generation and TotalEnergies for their Ulsan Gray Whale 3 Offshore Wind Farm project, located offshore the east coast of South Korea.

The FEED contract covers the full integrated scope of activities related to the floating units, including the design, the procurement & installation of the floaters and their station keeping systems, the procurement, laying and connections of the Inter Array Cables to the floaters as well as the activities related to the integration of the turbines on the floaters.

The Gray Whale 3 Project, aiming to develop a 504MW floating offshore wind farm located around 60 to 70 kilometers from Onsan Port in Ulsan, is one of the three offshore wind projects with a total installed capacity of 1.5 gigawatts that Corio and TotalEnergies are promoting off the coast of Ulsan (project name: Gray Whale 1,2,3).

“DORIS and HHI have a very long collaboration history on floating megaprojects. Our recent success on the Jeju Wind project, the first floating wind pilot in South Korea, and our two decades of experience in the offshore wind business give our consortium a unique opportunity to make the Gray Whale development the flagship project of Asia,” DORIS said.

Seon Mook Lim, Offshore Engineering Executive Vice President at HHI:”The consortium will enhance and scale up the Hi-Float design developed for the Jeju Pilot to accommodate the high-power turbines of Gray Whale and to ensure industrial scale production scheme will match with the ultimate 1.5GW of clean electricity production objectives.”

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