Enauta 3Q22 production dropped 50% compared to 2Q22

Enauta’s production in September totaled 10,400 barrels of oil equivalent per day, the same level as the previous month, according to a new report released by the company. The Atlanta field, the company’s main asset, saw its production grow from 3,000 barrels a day in August to 5,500 barrels in September. This is due to the return to operation of the three wells in the field on September 21. When fully operational, Atlanta has the potential to reach production in excess of 11,000 barrels a day.

“Average production [from Atlanta] last week was approximately 13,800 bbl/day and current production is around 16,000 bbl/day. Production is still in the process of stabilizing and the commissioning of the new water plant should be completed by mid-October, when the system will start operating at full capacity”, detailed Enauta.

Meanwhile, production at Manati (where the company holds a 45% stake) dropped from 7,300 barrels of oil equivalent per day to 4,900 barrels of oil equivalent per day. “According to the material fact disclosed on September 30, production at the Manati Field was impacted by the lower demand for natural gas in the month. Production at the Field was resumed on the 30th and the average production at the beginning of October was 1.50 MM m³/day, being 0.7 MMm³/day for Enauta”, concluded the company.

Enauta ended the third quarter with a total production of 9,800 barrels of oil equivalent per day, which represents a drop of 50% compared to the 19,600 barrels registered in the second quarter.

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