Shizen leads offshore wind projects in Brazil

(EPBR) Ibama registers 66 projects under licensing in the country, totaling 169 GW. Rio Grande do Sul and Ceará lead the ranking of power

Shizen Energia do Brasil, a group of Japanese origin, has become the leader in licensing offshore wind farms in Brazil, with 18 GW, in six projects on the Brazilian coast – Rio Grande do Sul (12 GW) and Ceará (6 GW).

— In its corporate strategy, the company has plans to reach at least 10 GW of power in renewable generation in the world by 2030.

— From April to August, there was an increase of 36 GW in projects under licensing, reaching 169 GW at Ibama.

— In terms of number of projects, BlueFloat Energy is the leader, with seven parks (15 GW). Oil companies, on the other hand, account for practically one in every 4 GW in licensing. Shell, TotalEnergies and Equinor add up to 40 GW in projects off the Brazilian coast.

— In all, the country has 66 offshore wind farms under development. Rio Grande do Sul (57 GW) and Ceará (48 GW) together account for 62% of licensing capacity. Rio de Janeiro (27 GW) is next on the list.

It demonstrates how Brazil’s offshore wind generation potential attracts the attention of major global players, but companies are still awaiting advances in the country’s regulatory framework.

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