Trident Energy Wraps Subsea Work in Brazil to Boost Pampo Field Output

(OE) Oil and gas company Trident Energy said Thursday it had completed its first Brazilian subsea campaign to connect the MA-34 production well to the P-08 semi-sub platform, as part of its plans to enhance production on its Pampo field.

“Trident Energy set to relocate two existing flowlines from our old MA-1 X-tree (one production flowline and one gas/service line) to the adjacent new MA-34 X-tree. This required the line to be disconnected and recovered to the surface where the vertical connection module (the connector between the flowline and the X-tree) could be reinstated in good condition and fully tested prior to being redeployed to MA-34.  

In addition, a new subsea control umbilical was installed between P-08 and the X-tree to provide full functionality of the tree. Thanks to the valuable teamwork from our offshore team onboard P-08, as well as the installation vessel, Normand Frontier, we were able to ensure the effective and timely delivery of this project,” the company said.

Andrew Simpson, Senior Project Engineer said: “Over 11 contractors and suppliers were brought together to execute the project offshore, and thanks to their hard work and professionalism the MA-34 well now exceeds production expectations.”

After having completed the pressure tests of the flowlines and the integration of the new umbilical into the control system of the platform, Trident Energy then moved on with the start-up of the well to unlock its full potential.

“After one week of ramp-up and stabilization, it produced nearly 4,400 bopd (+2,400 bopd over the budget estimate) and became the best oil producer across our operations. While the well remains in transient conditions, it is expected that production will decline towards the base case estimates in the coming months. However, it clearly demonstrates the remaining potential that exists in just one of the many reservoirs across our Brazilian assets,” Triden Energy said.

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