With record 2.85 million boed, the pre-salt production hits a 74.19% share of the national total in September

In September, pre-salt oil and natural gas production totaled 2.85 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d), representing 74.10% of the national total (3.84 million boe/d) . It was the biggest historical record of monthly production in the Pre-salt, both in absolute terms and in percentage of participation in the country’s total production.

The accumulated production in the Pre-salt, since the discovery of Tupi, in April 2009, is 5.02 billion barrels of oil equivalent. This number has already surpassed, for example, the entire production accumulated in onshore fields since 1941, which was 4.96 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

The largest production by sedimentary basin, in September, was registered in the Santos basin, with 2.74 million boe/d, reaching 71.36% of the national total. This was also the highest historical value recorded for the Santos Basin, in absolute and relative terms.

The field with the highest production remained the Tupi field, with 1.22 million boe/d, being both the largest oil production (948,000 barrels of oil per day) and natural gas (43.12 million cubic meters per day) in the country. The largest producing well was the 7-BUZ-10-RJS, in the Búzios Field, which recorded 67,500 boe/d in the period, being the fourth largest historical production per well.

With 3 million boe/d, Rio de Janeiro was the largest producing state, with 78.5% of the national total, 81.8% of the national oil production and 66.3% of the national natural gas production.

The data from the Oil and Natural Gas Production Dynamic Panel are preliminary and are subject to adjustments by the concessionaire companies until the publication of the consolidated data in the Monthly Oil and Natural Gas Production Bulletin.

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