(Portos e Navios) Seadrill is close to winning two new charter contracts with Petrobras, rebuilding its business portfolio in Brazil. The oil company hammered out the contracting of the West Tellus and West Carina drillships, offered in the tender for 2,400 m units.

West Tellus and West Carina will be chartered at daily rates of $161,655,841.51 and $169,340,117.10, respectively. The total prices, including the mobilization value, reach US$243,000/day and US$258,000/day.

Seadrill presented the best prices for lot A in the tender, aimed at chartering two units. The rigs in the tender will be allocated to the Búzios project, with a focus on production development campaigns.

The rigs will have to be available for operation in September 2022. The contracts will have a charter term of 1,095 days, and may be terminated in advance from 580 days.

West Carina is in Sri Lanka. West Tellus already operates in Brazil, at the moment, in a campaign for Shell.

In addition to this package, the tender also includes another lot, B, whose best bidder was China Union. The company presented a daily rate of US$ 185,206,970.61 for Dalian Developer, but Petrobras continues to analyze the proposal, without making the result official.

The rig of the second batch will have to be ready for operation in December 2022. The charter contract will be for 1,040 days, with an early termination option from 760 days of operation.

Package A requires units equipped with MPD, while lot B is intended for a single probe. The opening of the proposals took place in June.

Interest in the bidding was great. Petrobras received a total of 23 proposals, 11 for lot A and 12 for lot B, sent by seven companies.

In addition to Seadrill and China Union, the tender was also disputed by Ventura, Constellation, Valaris, Ocyan and Transocean. 15 rigs were offered, some of them presented in two lots.

The values ​​of the proposals offered for the rigs with MPD ranged between US$ 161,655,841.51 and US$ 244,200,304.10, an amount without mobilization. In lot B, prices ranged from US$ 185,206,970.61 to 288,543,134.18 (also without mobilization).

Source: Portos e Navios Magazine

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