Petrobras has authorization from Conama for all electric production units

The National Environment Council (Conama), which will allow Petrobras to reduce emissions in new projects with fully electrified platforms. The state-owned company says it is technologically prepared to adopt this type of platforms and, with the amendment to Resolution 382/2006, approved by Conama, it is able to incorporate the technology in its new maritime units. This configuration, guarantees the oil company, is more efficient and allows the use of less fuel to generate energy on the platform, with lower emission of both greenhouse gases and other gases, such as NOx. Studies have shown that this configuration allows a reduction in up to 20% of emissions compared to the configuration currently adopted.

The revision of the resolution meets a request from the oil and gas sector. For discussions on the change to the standard, studies were presented to assess the environmental gains from using the configuration of a plant with greater electrification in oil and gas production platforms.

The change in the resolution particularized the application of emission limits from the generation of electricity in offshore operations. The change in resolution will enable the centralization of energy generation in a single point of the platforms, in an optimized way, distributing electrical energy to the other equipment. The Institutional Relations and Sustainability Director, Roberto Ardenghy, said that the all electric concept is environmentally desirable and relevant for the decarbonization trajectory and for the fulfillment of Petrobras’ sustainability commitments and for the oil and gas industry as a whole. “Having better carbon efficiency also favors the domestic industry, as there is more possibility of offering domestic equipment to replace equipment that is currently imported, and represents greater competitiveness for Brazilian oil and gas in international futures markets,” said the director.

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