Petrobras prepares to drill wells on the Equatorial Margin, in blocks in the Foz do Amazonas, Potiguar and Barreirinhas basins. The oil company today opened a public tender (nº 7003659184) for the contracting of charter services for large helicopters that will be used in exploratory campaigns in these regions, located in the North and Northeast of the country. Five groups have already been pre-qualified and will be able to participate in the process: Omni, Bristow, CHC, Líder and Costa do Sol. The initial forecast is that the opening of the competitors’ proposals will take place on November 1st.

The company that manages to win the tender will operate in four bases of operations. The first will be at Val-de-Cans International Airport (Belém/PA), with flights departing towards block FZA-M-59, in the Foz do Amazonas basin, to support the mobilization of vessels. The second operating base will be the Oiapoque Airport (Oiapoque/AP), also focused on providing assistance to activities in FZA-M-59.

The contract also provides for a third base at the Pinto Martins International Airport (Fortaleza/CE), this time to support the operations of block BM-POT-17, in the Potiguar basin. Finally, the last base will be Marechal Cunha International Airport (São Luís/MA), with flights to block BM-BAR-5, in the Barreirinhas basin. Petrobras is looking for large aircraft that have at least 18 seats for passengers.

As is well known, the oil company is working in preparation for exploration campaigns on the Equatorial Margin, which still depend on the release of the environmental license from the Brazilian Environment Institute (IBAMA). This week, the exploration and production director at the state-owned company, Fernando Borges, declared during an online event that the company plans to invest around US$1.5 billion to drill 14 wells on the Equatorial Margin in the next five years.

Petronotícias recently published about another company’s tender that also targets its exploratory program in that region to contract environmental monitoring services for blocks in the Foz do Amazonas and Barreirinhas basins. The notice aims to carry out dedicated integrated monitoring projects (PMID) for the two basins to monitor and mitigate any environmental impacts of drilling activities. The tender also covers the service of surveying resident and migratory water birds in the coastal region of the Barreirinhas basin.

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