(PetroleoHoje) Cade approved two 3R acquisitions in the Potiguar Basin: the purchase of shares issued by Duna Energia, which will make the oil company a full subsidiary of 3R, integrating the Ponta do Mel and Redonda fields in the portfolio; and the acquisition of a 50% stake in Galp in the Sanhaçu field. Both operations were approved without restrictions by the board.

Signed at the end of August, the Duna Energia purchase and sale agreement was valued at US$72.3 million, with a contingent portion of US$16 million, subject to the assessment of 2P certified reserves in the two fields in the Potiguar Basin – Duna Energia’s only production assets. The transaction consists of the acquisition of shares issued by the oil company, currently held by BTG Pactual bank and minority shareholders.

According to the companies, in a notification to Cade, the operation aims to strengthen the presence of 3R in Rio Grande do Norte, where Duna’s assets are located, whose geographic position makes future integration into the Macau operations possible.

For Duna Energia, the transaction will allow the refinancing of the debt taken on with BTG Pactual for the acquisition of Ponta do Mel and Redonda, sold by Petrobras.

Cade approved the purchase of 50% of Galp in the Sanhaçu field, which is part of the Macau  cluster and where 3R already holds the remaining stake. Valued at US$ 6 million, the transaction still depends on an ANP guarantee.

With the acquisition, 3R will not only increase its production and reserves in the Potiguar Basin, but will strengthen the company’s position as a relevant gas producer in the North and Northeast regions of the country.

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