Porto do Açu is the first port in Brazil to obtain international EcoPorts certification

(TN) Porto do Açu became the first port in Brazil to receive EcoPorts certification, the sector’s main certification initiative. The seal, obtained this week, incorporates the main internationally recognized environmental management standards, such as ISO 14001. One of the network’s objectives is to standardize good environmental management practices in the port sector through cooperation and knowledge sharing. Compliance with the PERS – Port Environmental Review System standard is independently assessed by the certifying company Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. The certificate is valid for 2 years.

“The certification is a recognition of our efforts to structure the environmental management of Porto do Açu based on the best market practices and in line with our sustainability strategy. Our objective is to seek a high performance environmental performance comparable to the main ports in the world”, emphasizes José Firmo, CEO of Porto do Açu Operations, responsible for port administration at Açu.

The EcoPorts seal reinforces Açu’s commitment to development as a world-class port, committed to the best environmental, social and governance practices formalized in its sustainability policy. The document, which completes one year of approval in October, reflects the new sustainability strategy of Porto do Açu Operations, built on intense collaboration with its shareholders Prumo Logística and Port of Antwerp International. Recently, the company released its first Sustainability Report, referring to the base year 2020, with the objective of publicizing and providing transparency to the company’s ESG results.

Also in 2021, Porto do Açu formalized its adhesion to the Environmental Ship Index (ESI), an index that classifies vessels that exceed the emission standards established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Ships that perform above established environmental standards, including levels of greenhouse gas emissions, now have access to differentiated port rates, with discounts of up to 10%. With the initiative, Porto do Açu becomes part of a list of more than 60 global ports that have adopted the incentive mechanism.

The development of new businesses at Açu will also be based on low-carbon and new energy projects. In 2021, studies were started with leading partners in their operating segments for the development of renewable energy and green hydrogen projects in the port’s retro area. More recently, Prumo Logística, the group’s holding company, started the environmental licensing with IBAMA of the Marinho Ventos do Açu Wind Farm, an offshore wind farm with up to 2.1 GW.

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