(PetroNoticias) Petrobras is gradually resuming its project at Parque das Baleias, in the Espírito Santo portion of the Campos Basin. The next month promises to be decisive for the project, which last year was postponed for a year due to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. At the end of May, Petrobras plans to open the FPSO charter bidding proposals for the field. A few days earlier, the oil company will also open the envelopes of another tender related to the project, aimed at hiring goods and services for the Lower Completion of the Integrated Parque das Baleias (IPB) project.

The tender for the hiring of the new Parque das Baleias FPSO had the opening of envelopes scheduled for March 17. However, at the beginning of last month, the date for submitting proposals was postponed to May 25th. As a reminder, the platform should start operating in the year 2023. But at the end of last year, Petrobras decided to postpone the first oil for the project by one year, extending the date to 2024. The delay occurred as a result of the economic scenario challenging imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Parque das Baleias was born from the junction of the fields of Jubarte, Baleia Ana, Cachalote, Caxaréu and Pirambú. The area currently has four platforms in operation, all of them FPSO type, interconnected to 44 producing wells and 21 injectors. The integrated project for the asset provides that the new FPSO will be connected to existing wells and also to new wells. The platform vessel will have the capacity to produce 100 thousand barrels / day of oil and 180 thousand barrels / day of water.

But before deciding who will build and operate the Parque das Baleias FPSO, Petrobras will open on May 11 the opening of bidding envelopes aimed at providing goods and services for Lower Completion of wells in the area. This tender has also been delayed. Initially scheduled to be completed in January, it was postponed to April and then to May.

The scope of the contract provides for a series of services, such as installation of inferior completion, recovery of packer seal bore, use of washing tubes, preventive maintenance, among others. The winner of the dispute will also provide a set of specific equipment that are inherent in the lower completion activity. The bidding scope will be international and all the bidding documents (nº 7003390738) are available on the Petronect website.

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