Offshore gas pipeline that will be built by Equinor, will link FPSO to Cabiúnas Terminal, in Macaé, bringing business and jobs to the region

The Norwegian oil company Equinor recently decided on the concept of area development for block BM-C-33 in the Campos Basin. One of the main points of Equinor’s undertaking will be the construction of an offshore pipeline, which will connect the platform vessel (FPSO) from the field to a gas receiving installation at the Cabiúnas Terminal, in Macaé (RJ).

The gas will be processed in the FPSO and drained, according to the specifications for sale. Equinor said that this was the best economical solution for the offshore pipeline project in Macaé.

According to the oil company, there is no precedent in Brazil for processing offshore gas and the prospects for new business opportunities for the Brazilian supply chain are promising. Practically, it wants its suppliers to act with safety, quality, on time, and in a competitive and sustainable way.

The BM-C-33 is an asset with a large volume of gas, and to develop it, a drainage solution is necessary, thinking about this, Equinor opted for the construction of this pipeline, which will take the FPSO gas to the coast .

New Gas Law

The approval of the New Gas Law proposed by the Mines and Energy Commission, is an extremely important milestone in the process of transition to an open and competitive gas market in Macaé, in addition to demonstrating that the liberation of the gas market gas is an important element on the Government’s agenda for attracting new investments and promoting the country’s economic development, such as the gas pipeline in the Campos Basin.

There are no direct impacts for Equinor, but its approval comes at an excellent time, knowing that Brazil is a central market for the company’s investments in the Campos Basin.

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