ANP forecasts a gradual growth in production in the coming years

ANP forecasts a gradual growth in production in the coming years, reaching 571.5 thousand m³ / day (3.6 million barrels per day) of oil and 173.2 million m³ / d of natural gas in 2025 .

– It represents an increase of 23% in relation to 2021, in the case of oil, and 34% in the case of gas. For this year, the projection for oil production is 463.96 thousand m³ / d (2.9 million bpd) and for gas, 129.17 million m³ / d.

– Most of the investment by oil companies will go to drilling, although the projection is for a decline over the years. In 2021, the investment will be R$ 12.5 billion; increases to R$ 12.77 billion in 2022; and remains in decline until 2025, reaching R$ 4.68 billion.

– In contrast, the deactivation of fields will grow. The total invested in this segment will increase from R$ 5 billion to R$ 5.7 billion by 2025. Almost all of this money will be placed in offshore fields, according to the ANP.

– In the coming years, Petrobras and other oil companies will advance production in the pre-salt. New platforms are expected to start operating, especially in the Mero and Búzios fields. From this year until 2023, eight more units will be installed in the country, according to the ANP.

Source: epbr

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