Ibama launches standard term of reference for offshore wind energy complexes

The Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) launched the Standard Term of Reference (TR) for Offshore Wind Energy Complexes. This TR brings the scope of what the entrepreneur should present in his study of environmental impact to attest the feasibility of this type of renewable energy enterprise, thus bringing clarity and security to the entire process.

According to the director of the Environmental Licensing Directorate (Dilic), Jonatas Trindade, the standardization of this term brings greater quality to environmental studies and analyzes, in addition to reducing legal uncertainty. According to him, the offshore wind typology is unprecedented in Brazil, and the first projects of this typology are being licensed by Ibama.

“This standardization generated a more qualified term of reference, more appropriate to the technology that we intend to install through this type of enterprise, which could generate jobs and income for our country. In addition, it guarantees greater environmental protection and can attract investments to the country, because where there are transparency and well-defined rules, there are attractions for investments, investments of better projects from the environmental point of view ”, he said.

The preparation of the document was carried out within the framework of a partnership of the Sectorial Dialogues Program of the European Union. Ibama’s president, Eduardo Fortunato Bim, thanked the partnership, which was fundamental in the discussions, especially with international entities.

“We have to praise that this was an initiative of ours, but that it had the support of European Union Sector Dialogues. I think it’s important that Ibama is always looking for the best international practices, seeking dialogues with foreigners, after all, they already have a more advanced experience than ours ”, he emphasized.

Source: TNPetroleo

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