PPSA estimates investments of US$ 122 billion in 24 FPSOs in the sharing contracts

The development of the 17 production sharing contracts in force represents an investment demand of US$ 122.7 billion, between 2021 and 2030, peaking in 2028, when six new FPSOs come into operation, according to PPSA estimates.

– The studies are presented at the 3rd Pre-Salt Petroleum Technical Forum.

– The investment projection considers the entry into operation of 24 FPSOs and the construction of 387 wells. It does not consider new auctions, such as the contracting of Atapu and Sépia surpluses, in the transfer of rights, which will be offered in 2021.

– The study considers FPSOs with an oil production capacity between 50 thousand and 220 thousand barrels / day, depending on the size of each field.

– The expected result is a total collection of US$ 204.4 billion between 2021 and 2030, considering the revenue from the commercialization of the Union oil, under the management of PPSA (US$ 75.2 billion), in addition to royalties and taxes collected by the producing companies.

– PPSA estimates that it will be possible to produce 3.6 million barrels / day of oil by 2030 under these 17 sharing contracts, of which 629 thousand barrels / day are for the Union.

Source: epbr



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