Petrobras to resume exploratory campaign in deep water Potiguar Basin in 2023

Petrobras is studying resuming the exploration campaign in the deep waters of the Potiguar Basin in 2023, with the drilling of a new well to delimit the discovery of Pitu – one of the few assets that is not being sold by the company in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

– The discovery of Pitu, the first in deep waters in the basin, off the coast of Rio Grande do Norte, was made in block POT-M-855, in 2013, and confirmed by a second drilling two years later. The project was contracted in the 7th round, in 2005. The consortium is formed by Petrobras (40%), BP (40%) and Petrogal (20%).

– In all, Petrobras has five blocks in deep waters in the region. The delimitation of the Pitu discovery is in a more advanced stage of exploration, with two wells drilled – the PAD, a discovery assessment plan, was approved by the ANP.

– On land and in shallow waters, the company intends to sell its assets in the state. 26 fields are offered, in addition to the Guamaré industrial complex, which includes a thermoelectric plant and the Potiguar Clara Camarão Refinery.

Source: epbr

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