Shallow water assets in the Campos Basin sold by Petrobras, may receive more than R $ 10 billion in investments

The new development plans (DP’s) for 14 shallow water fields, recently approved by the ANP, indicate that the areas, previously in process of decline, will receive an injection of investments that exceed R $ 10 billion. This amount refers only to activities considered firm (mandatory) in the plans submitted to the ANP. This value can double, if considered activities that are still contingent, that is, those dependent on the development of the projects.

The fields, from Petrobras’ divestment plan, are currently operated by BW, Perenco and Trident. In 2012, they produced 81,000 barrels of oil per day and, in 2019, production had declined to approximately 26,000 barrels of oil per day.

Petrobras’ strategy of prioritizing deep-water assets, focusing on the pre-salt layer, coupled with the decline in mature fields, caused production to drop by almost 70% in the period, with the loss of more than 100 producing wells. The royalties from these concessions declined from R$ 583 million to R$ 227 million in the same period.

Petrobras’ divestment plan in the Campos Basin guarantees the revitalization of these areas, and new opportunities for generating employment and income in the region. Considering the extension of the concessions, the DP’s now contain a forecast of total production in the order of 500 million barrels of oil, providing greater returns for companies and for Brazilian society.

The table below shows the firm investments presented by each operator.

Source: TNPetroleo/ANP

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