Aug 19, 2020

The process of divestment in onshore fields in Brazil recently registered in the oil and gas industry due to the price of a barrel of oil and the economic recession caused by the covid-19 pandemic should warm up the sector and generate a promising market, evaluates the head of energy and natural resources at KPMG in Brazil, Anderson Dutra. For him, the expectation is that this movement will become more accelerated in the coming months, opening even more opportunities for the segment in the country. With the sale of the fields recently driven by Petrobras, which decided to focus the business plan on the pre-salt and high-productivity fields in Brazil, this movement should create new investment opportunities in the sector, since leaner companies in cost structure and with specific reservoir recovery expertise they would be able to move forward.

“As they have a higher operating cost per barrel and lower productivity, the tendency is that this process of selling fields takes place more quickly, bringing imminent opportunities for new players to enter the market. Despite the challenges, there is great potential to be tapped in Brazil, which has a considerable volume of barrels and cubic meters of gas not yet explored and sedimentary basins in the interior of the country ”, analyzes Anderson Dutra.

Still according to him, the divestment in these fields also brings the possibility of smaller operators to rekindle the segment, some of which are Brazilian: “The real potential of these fields is the opportunity for other new companies to invest even more money in Brazil, investing in hubs that are located outside the Rio-São Paulo axis, further stimulating other parts of the country in terms of economic growth and even in the emergence of new vacancies for specialized labor. ”

Source: PetroNoticias

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