Twelve companies dispute the Petrobras Bahia LNG terminal

August 4, 2020

Twelve companies, some from the same business group, were prequalified to dispute the lease of the Petrobras LNG terminal in Bahia, according to the call for prequalified agents, published by the company. Proposals are scheduled to be open on September 30.

Petrobras will lease the terminal until December 2023, with no provision for extension.

Trafigura, a multinational commodities and energy trader, was denied registration by Petrobras, which classified the company with “GRI Alto” ​​- Global Reporting Initiative, an indicator of supplier integrity risk.

“With all the benefits, Trafigura is a multinational company and in compliance with the various global standards, such as the ‘UK Bribery Act’, maintains strict internal and compliance programs, with the objective of remedying deviations, frauds, irregularities or illegal acts against the administration that, by chance, are committed by its members, ”said the company in the appeal, which was not accepted by Petrobras.

In the list are oil companies, companies in the LNG sector, traders and distributors of natural gas and energy companies. In some cases, such as Shell and BG and Golar Power, companies in the same group were registered. In addition to Shell, the oil companies BP, Total and Repsol, through Repsol LNG Holding participate in the competition.

The Brazilian companies Eneva, Bahiagás, Compass (Cosan group) and Gás Natural do Brasil were also pre-qualified. With a focus on LNG logistics, commercialization and transportation, they compete with Golar Power and Excelerate Energy.

See the list:

Golar Power Latam Serviços Marítimos Ltda

Golar Power Comercializadora de Gás Natural Ltda

Shell Brasil Petróleo Ltda

BG do Brasil Ltda

Natural Gas Brazil

Gas Company of Bahia (Bahiagás)

Repsol LNG Holding S.A.

BP Energy do Brasil Ltda.

Compass Gas e Energia S.A.

Total Gás & Eletricidade do Brasil Ltda.

Eneva S.A.

Excelerate Energy L.P.


TR-BA has a capacity of 20 million m³ / day

Started in December 2019, the lease of the LNG Terminal in Bahia is part of the agreement signed with Cade (the TCC) that provides for the departure of Petrobras from various links in the gas market, such as transportation and distribution.

The Bahia Terminal (TR-BA) can regasify up to 20 million m³ / day of LNG. It consists of an island-type pier equipped for mooring a FRSU (Floating Storage and Regasification Unit), which is the regasification floating unit, and a supply vessel from which the LNG transfer is made – FSRU is not part of the process and a unit will need to be chartered by the new operator.

The gas pipeline that is part of the terminal is 45 km long, connecting the TR-BA to two delivery points: the São Francisco do Conde Pressure Reducing Station (ERP SFC) and the São Sebastião do Passé Flow Control Station (ECV SSP).

Source: epbr

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